When should I change my wipers?

All wipers should be changed at least once a year at a minimum.

RACV, one of Australia's top motoring authorities, recommends that you change your wipers every 6-months, as well as check for signs of wear such as cracks in the rubber every month or so.

Wipers wear out when used and will perish over time from sun exposure.

Streakingsqueaking or smearing on the windscreen are signs your blades are in need of replacement.

Autumn is a great time to change your wipers, as they’ve usually deteriorated from sun exposure over summer and will ensure they’re up to the job as it begins to rain more in the Winter months.

If you're up North, Spring is a good time to check your wipers before the wet season.

We expect our wipers to perform well for 12-months, but changing them at least once a year ensures the best possible performance and safety.

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