What our warranty covers

Unlike other aftermarket wiper blade brands. We are unique in that we offer a comprehensive 12-month warranty. 

The warranty covers you against the defects in materials and/or workmanship and performance issues (together, "Defects"):

  • Split or broken rubber.
  • Broken or damaged wiper blade connectors or end caps.
  • Wiper blades that miss sections of the windscreen, and/or do not effectively clear water from the screen, causing streaking, smearing, or similar.

The warranty also covers shipment and supply issues including:

  • Products that arrive damaged or are lost in transit.
  • Products supplied that are the incorrect fit for the specified vehicle (although if an incorrect fit results from an error by you or a third party you’ve engaged, we may ask you to cover the return shipping costs).


You can read our full warranty policy here: Wipertech Warranty

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