Wiper blade dimensions - how are they measured?

How are wiper blades measured? In what units?

Wiper blades are manufactured in increments of one-inch, this is a global standard. 

The key dimension of a wiper blade is it's length.

The standard range of wiper blade lengths for passenger and light commercial wiper blades range from 9" (approx. 225mm) up to 28" (approx. 700mm). 

Why are my current wiper blade lengths different to the ones on your website?

There is often some tolerance in the combination of wiper blade lengths fitted to a car- particularly with older cars, the wiper blade length combination might be slightly different to the factory/OEM specifications. This happens when parts available are limited at the time of servicing, and sometimes won't go noticed until you look up the specs on our website!

Fun facts:

  • 25" is not a standard size (... still not entirely clear why, just trust us on this!) 
  • When you compare wiper blades from different brands, you will notice the precise length in mm will vary between different brands.

How to measure a wiper blade:

  1.  Tip-to-tip: measure the full length of the wiper blade (not just the rubber blade). This is important, as the full length will need to have clearance as it moves across the screen. 
  2. Round the mm measurement to the nearest inch. 
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