Will these wipers be exactly the same as genuine/ OEM/ factory parts?

Our customers frequently tell us that our wipers are as good as, or better than their original factory wipers, you can read their reviews here.

Our wipers will definitely fit and work well, however, in some cases they’ll look just a little different to your originals (in a good way!)

For most vehicles, we supply our Aeroflex® wiper blades.

Some other names that this type of wiper blade is known as is ‘Beam style’, ‘Euro-style’ or ‘Aero-style’. These are the most modern type of wiper blade, and contain a pre-tensioned steel beam and aerodynamic shape. From the different types of wipers out there, these are the clear leaders in terms of performance and durability.

Ours may look a little different to your original wipers if your car currently has older metal-style wipers, or bulky hybrid-style wipers fitted, but we guarantee they’ll fit perfectly and do a great job!

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